Interview with Voyage Denver

Interview with Voyage Denver

Original Interview:

Today we’d like to introduce you to Ali Ghassan Alzobaede.

Ali G Alzobaede is the director and founder of REAL Academy of Art in Colorado, It is the first arts academy state interested in classical training , and the first art academy recognized by Art Renewal Center in the state of Colorado , he is classified by A.R.C (Art Renewal Center ) The Art Renewal Center which is an international Art Organization in USA that aims to preserve and revive the high standers of craftsmanship and excellence . Born in Babel, Iraq, Ali Ghassan Al-Zobaede practiced fine art as a professional artist before entering the fine arts faculty. Following the footsteps of the old masters, he can draw and paint using various techniques and using almost any medium. He has a master’s in Art & several important exhibitions; personal and group exhibitions. He has two local first prize awards (in Iraq) and three international first prize awards (two in USA & one in France).

· Classical training under supervision by the Art instructors in Atelier style form (Italy and Russian)
· He has a lot of research in the field of visual art (Drawing, paintings, Sculpture) and
· He Specializing in art science,
· He Did the research and investigate the secrets of the art old master Contemporary style.
· Before entering the university, He wandered around for years seeking knowledge from various resources that would develop my art skills.
· 2010 – 2011: Masters in Fine Arts Faculty of Fine Arts, Babel University (Babel, Iraq)
· 2004 – 2008: Bachelor of Fine Arts
· Faculty of Fine Arts, Babel University (Babel, Ira)

2017 Art Student League of Denver
2017 Art Center for Aurora Government( Bicentennial Art Center )
2014 art instructor REAL Academy of Art – Colorado, USA Denver
2014 – 2015: Art Instructor 

Imagination Celebration – Colorado, USA
2008 – Present: Freelance Illustrator
2011 – 2014: Supervisor, and art instructor

Orient Academy of Art – Hadath, Lebanon
2013 – now: Art Instructor

Fabriano Art Institute – Zalka, Lebanon
2012 – 2013: Art Instructor

Lebanese International University – Saida, Lebanon Teaching art classes for graphic design.
2011 – 2012: Art Instructor

University Institute of Technology – Jwaya, Lebanon Teaching art classes for architecture and interior design.
2009 – 2011: Art Instructor Al-Kufa University – Al-Kufa, Iraq
2007 – 2010: Interior and Theatrical Scenic Designer Babel, Iraq
2006 – 2009: Art Instructor Babel, Iraq (Teaching painting at my own atelier)
2003 – 2007: Printmaker Babel, Iraq Printing (silk-screening and etching)
2001 – 2003: Carpenter Family’s Carpentry Shop – Baghdad, Iraq (Creating bedrooms and wood carving)
2000 – 2003: Skilled Artist Baghdad, Iraq (painting and selling artworks to art galleries in Baghdad)
1999 – 2001: Graphic Designer Fahed Center for Design and Printing – Baghdad, Iraq

Art Skills:
• Sculpting
• Mural painting
• Arabic calligraphy
• Arabic arabesques
• Painting on porcelain
• Stained glass painting
• Preliminary designs for architecture and interior designs
• Etching
• Silk-screening / Print Screening
• Wood Carving
• Theater decors
• Story writing
• Art criticism
• Digital Painting
• Graphic Design


• 2016 Best of the Show from Sunny Vista 2016 USA Colorado
• ARC Associate Living Master from Art Renewal Center
• 2001 then 2002 the first prize of Iraqis for talented high school
• 2006 first prize for young artists (under the age of twenty) / Paris, France.
• 2006 Golden medal / US Minnesota.
• 2011 First prize for the US team for peace in the state Minnesota / Minneapolis (paintings stay from collections of Minneapolis City Museum) United States of America.

LANGUAGES: Language Level
• Arabic (Spoken, Written) Excellent
• English (Spoken, Written) Good
• French (Spoken) Basic

• General reading, especially art-related books
• Soccer
• Swimming
• Kick-boxing
• Biking
• Chess

Art Instructor (10+ years), Sculpting (5 years), Mural painting, Silk-screening / Print Screening, Etching, Wood Carving, Preliminary designs for architecture and interior designs, Arabic calligraphy, Arabic arabesques, Painting on porcelain, Stained glass painting Website: Email:

Great, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?
Certainly, my path was not smooth, because I am an immigrant from my country to several countries so I cruised to settle in the USA.

Please tell us about your work.
I am an art instructor who trained art in Denver and around Denver, at the academy I founded and founded by REALAcademy of Art(, and art students of the League, and some artisans of the Government of Aurora.

Is there a characteristic or quality that you feel is essential to success?
Patience and challenge Insist on achieving successes with hard work and sure high ambition.

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